Last Updated: 25 Jun 2023

Crossroads: Myth is a blockchain-based game that caters to a diverse player base, including both casual and competitive gamers. The game offers a unique blend of immersive world-building, strategic gameplay, and dynamic token economics, creating an environment that appeals to a broad range of play styles.

The game is built on several principles and fundamentals, including accessibility and affordability, asset growth and value accumulation, minimizing pay-to-win disparities, strategy, skills, and luck, community and collaborative gameplay, casual and time-efficient gameplay, scalability and flexibility, and innovative and unique gameplay.

Crossroads: Myth features a variety of game components, including land, units and squads, equipment and items, guilds, quests, monsters and combat, companions, vassals, booster packs, mercenaries, player research, lorekeeper, and a referral system.

The game's land management system is one of its core components, with each land being a unique 1/1 NFT that can produce in-game resources such as gold. Lands can be upgraded over time, and players can deploy lands belonging to their race without constraints.

Units and squads are fundamental to the battle system in Crossroads: Myth. Each squad can have a maximum of five units, and players can use these squads for various purposes, including embarking on quests and adventures, attacking other players’ lands to plunder resources, and leasing out to other players as mercenaries. Units are usually capable of being upgraded and can be advanced after gaining sufficient battle experience and upon meeting the prerequisite resources, such as gold.

The Action Point (AP) system is a crucial aspect of the game that adds a layer of strategy and planning. The AP system allows progress and advancement through strategic use of the allocated APs. For casual gamers, the flexible AP structure allows for fitting gameplay into breaks or spare moments throughout the day. Actions, quests, and resource management within the game can be navigated at their own pace, without the pressure of needing to allocate large blocks of time to play.

On the other hand, competitive gamers will find a challenging environment where performance directly impacts the rewards they receive. Their ranking and achievements in the game determine their eligibility to stake and earn from these tokens. Through the AP system, competitive gamers will also find an added layer of strategy to the game. Efficient and clever usage of AP can result in optimal performance and higher rankings.

Crossroads: Myth strikes a balance between laid-back gaming and competitive elements in the web3 space, aiming to create a dynamic and inclusive community of players. Whether you're a casual player looking for an immersive gaming world, or a competitive gamer seeking a challenging and rewarding environment, Crossroads: Myth provides a platform for all.

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