Quests & Adventures

Embark on Epic Quests, Unfold Legendary Tales.

Quests in Crossroads: Myth provide a unique and dynamic gaming experience for players.

Each quest is individually or collectively tailored with distinct objectives, rewards, and prerequisites, offering various paths for players’ squad development and lore progression.

With the option to undertake these quests solo or as part of a team, players are also encouraged to strategize and cooperate, fostering a sense of community within the game.

These quests not only add depth and complexity to the gaming experience, but they also serve a key role in enhancing player engagement and ensuring sustained interest in the gameplay.

Overall, quests facilitate player advancement, resource accumulation, and discovery of new in-game elements, making them a vital aspect of our gaming journey.

Quest Design

Quests are designed as pre-set tile maps which are pre-generated at the start of the quest for the player, with random placement of monsters, treasures, and other items — resulting in a unique play-through for each player.

Players may navigate their squad through the tiled quest map using either the keyboard or mouse, with a marker used to denote their position, and will be prompted to take certain actions when they come across various monsters, items, or other elements related to lore and gameplay.

For collective quests that allow multiple players’ squads to participate as a party, there will be multiple markers representing each player on the map. These quests are usually more difficult and may require more coordination among players in completing the quest objectives.

Quest Objectives

Quests may generally be divided based on their final objectives: "Fetch," "Fight," and "General".

In "Fetch" quests, the goal could be retrieving an item, assassinating a character, rescuing someone, or finding a hidden location. "Fight" quests may involve defending or attacking a territory or battling hordes of monsters.

"General" quests, on the other hand, can be split into two sub-categories: "Explore" and "Escort". "Explore" quests may require players to visit a location or interact with various objects, while "Escort" quests task players with safely transporting someone to a designated destination.

Quest Prerequisites

Some quests may have specific requirements for participation, such as player levels, race, race relations, the highest-leveled unit in the squad, completion of prerequisite quests, and player research levels, among others.

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