Crossroads: Myth Litepaper
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Meet the Architects and Builders
A Tezos OG from the days of H=N, Tim has been building products over the years from the web2 to web3 space, most recently together with NFT PFP project FluxTribe and Mavryk Finance, a decentralized banking platform. As an indie maker and builder, Tim is most passionate about exploring the possibilities of technology and creating innovative solutions and products that people will love.
With his firm background in TradFi and consumer-focused businesses, Ben brings a strategic, analytics-focused approach to the team. As a dedicated gamer and avid reader, his passion fuels a curious and innovative mindset, deftly channeled into the art of crafting gameplay mechanics that are not only fun and engaging but also thoughtfully designed for long-term sustainability.
A passionate and seasoned digital artist for nearly a decade, Kate’s vision and skills in art and design enables her to come up with vivid hand-drawn art and media assets that infuse Crossroads: Myth with a unique look and style and creates an immersive and beautifully crafted world for players to explore. To Kate, art is more than a career - it's her life, her love, and her heart.
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