Meet the Architects and Builders

Tim - Founder & Tech Mavryk

A Tezos OG from the days of H=N, Tim has been building products over the years from the web2 to web3 space, most recently together with NFT PFP project FluxTribe and Mavryk Finance, a decentralized banking platform. As an indie maker and builder, Tim is most passionate about exploring the possibilities of technology and creating innovative solutions and products that people will love.

Ben - Marketing Maestro

With his firm background in TradFi and consumer-focused businesses, Ben brings a strategic, analytics-focused approach to the team. As a dedicated gamer and avid reader, his passion fuels a curious and innovative mindset, deftly channeled into the art of crafting gameplay mechanics that are not only fun and engaging but also thoughtfully designed for long-term sustainability.

Kate - Creative Virtuoso

A passionate and seasoned digital artist for nearly a decade, Kate’s vision and skills in art and design enables her to come up with vivid hand-drawn art and media assets that infuse Crossroads: Myth with a unique look and style and creates an immersive and beautifully crafted world for players to explore. To Kate, art is more than a career - it's her life, her love, and her heart.

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