Land Management

Shape Your Dominion in the World of Mythenia

A Land NFT is one of the core components of Crossroads: Myth, being the only asset that produces in-game resources such as Gold.

Lands also serves as in-game constraints where players are required to invest in upgrading their lands to higher levels either to produce more resources or as a prerequisite for other game activities.


Lands are randomly minted, or generated, from a combination of 12 different aesthetic traits. Players are required to select their race before they can generate a “Land”.

Thereafter, players can use one “Land Deed Scroll” to generate one random “Land” NFT which will start at Level One.

“Land Deed Scrolls” may be obtained through various means such as the opening of booster packs, participation in quests and exploration, and the secondary market from other players.


Players may also choose to spend “Gold” and AP to send scouting parties which have a random probability of discovering a “Land Deed Scroll”. Each scouting mission comes with a success rate and a time limit before completion - both of which can be improved through research. Upon a successful discovery, the player will have obtained a new “Land Deed Scroll”.

The number of scouting parties a player can send depends on several factors such as his level and number of “Lands” deployed.

Exploration adds an additional layer of complexity to Crossroads: Myth. Players need to evaluate the trade-off between selling their "Land Deed Scrolls" directly on the marketplace for immediate gain, or reinvesting them into their current Lands. By choosing the latter, they can accumulate experience, increase their production, and elevate their Land and player level.

Exploration Zones

These are special zones with a set number of "Land Deed Scrolls" that can be discovered, a certain chance of success, and specific entry requirements such as player levels or completed quests.

This game mechanic in "Crossroads: Myth" enables a more customized player progression. It ensures that latecomers can still enjoy the game without feeling disadvantaged by early participants. For instance, there might be a beginner's exploration zone exclusively accessible to players up to Level 5.

On the other hand, there might be zones with a significantly higher success rate, available only for a limited time or a certain number of successful discoveries. These zones motivate advanced players to meet the necessary criteria and strive to be the first ones to reach them.


“Lands” will only produce resources when they are deployed by players. The higher a player’s level, the more “Lands” he will be able to deploy at the same time, which will lead to increased resource production.

Players will be able to deploy lands belonging to their race without constraints. However, they will need to accumulate sufficient friendly relations with other races through quests in order to deploy lands belonging to other races.

Note: Upon deployment of Land, the player’s “Land” NFT will be transferred to the Land Controller Smart Contract.


Players can also choose to use “Land Deed Scrolls” to increase the level of their deployed land. Each upgrade will require an increasing number of resources, “Land Deed Scrolls”, and time before the upgrade is completed.

Each upgrade will boost the “Land” production and storage capabilities at higher levels, and is an irreversible process.

Deployment Delays

Whenever a "Land" is deployed, there will be a gradual delay period before it becomes fully functional and starts to produce resources. During this time, you cannot reverse the action or "undeploy" the land.

Similarly, if you decide to undeploy a "Land", there will be a gradual period of "undeployment" during which production will decrease. Once this undeployment time is up, a player will need to confirm the undeployment to complete the process.

The length of these delay periods for both deploying and undeploying depends on the current level of the Land. This design primarily aims to discourage any unfair tactics or botting behavior, such as using automated bots to repeatedly deploy and undeploy across multiple accounts for extra benefits.

Additionally, this encourages players to be more engaged with the game after their "Land" has been put into action, and it nudges them towards making long-run game-optimal decisions.

This design also helps maintain the worth of "Lands" and "Land Deeds". Sellers and Traders will need to consider the time and opportunity cost of their actions, which in turn protects the minimum value of these assets.


Every "Land" has a maximum limit, or a "silo", on the amount of Gold and resources that can be left unclaimed. This limit increases when the Land is upgraded.

Player vs Player (PvP)

Other players may choose to attack your "Land" using Action Point (AP). If an attack is successful, they will gain a portion of the Land's stored resources. The attacked Land will then experience a decrease in production, or may even be halted completely, until it is completely recovered.


A player may choose to protect his “Land” by assigning squads to garrison it. Garrisoned squads will defend your Land when it's attacked by other players, and may receive additional boosts and bonuses to their stats and attributes.

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