Guild Management

Find Strength in Unity: Lead, Inspire, and Conquer

Guilds add a dynamic layer of cooperation and strategy to Crossroads: Myth. Once players meet certain level requirements and can afford the registration fee, they can create a Guild, fostering a collaborative environment for friends and fellow players.

On the blockchain, each guild will be a separate smart contract on its own.

Guild Perks

Being part of a Guild allows players to engage in Guild raids, which can yield special rewards and achievements.

Members can also benefit from Guild Research, which boosts players’ capabilities in areas such as combat, land production, and exploration, among many other benefits.

Guild Leadership & Governance

Upon their creation, the guild governance may be set to either a democratic (one player, one vote) or an autocratic one (leaders’ control).

The two main roles within a Guild are Leaders and Executives, who have the power to manage the guild’s memberships and promotions of members.

A Guild may also choose to have multiple roles, each with varying voting power, to shape democratic governance decisions.

This flexible structure allows each Guild to operate in a way that's familiar to its members, particularly if they are already part of established groups and communities from outside Crossroads: Myth.

Guild Contribution

A Guild can also opt to implement a contribution system where a fraction of its members' production from their Lands are automatically donated to the Guild.

This means that whenever a player collects Gold or resources from their Lands, a certain percentage is directly transferred to their Guild which can then be used for research or to acquire more valuable items.

Guild Development

The direction of Guild research is dependent on its governance structure. It could be determined by the Guild leader or through a governance vote.

The research conducted by the Guild can focus on various areas, such as enhancing combat stats, improving production efficiency (such as increased yields), or proficiency in scouting and exploration to increase the success probability of discovering Land Deed Scrolls.

Guild Raids

To initiate a Guild raid, a special NFT used to summon a dungeon is needed. This special token can be assembled from various fragments, much like piecing together a treasure map, that can be obtained by chance from booster packs, quests, or monster drops.

Only Guild leaders or executives have the ability to assemble and use this token, which can be activated at their discretion or sold on the secondary marketplace.

Once the special token is used, its specific dungeon appears only for a limited duration and vanishes once its timer is up.

Guild members have this brief window of time to enter the dungeon and complete its objective by defeating the dungeon boss, which is a special type of monster possessing unique actions, effects, and extremely powerful stats.

Dungeon bosses can perform a variety of randomly decided actions when attacked. Some may even enter a "Rage" mode when their health drops below a certain point, altering the probabilities and effects of their actions.

Therefore to have a better chance at success, a Guild must strategize and carefully consider the composition of their members' combat squads before summoning and confronting a monster boss.

Dungeon Rewards

If a dungeon boss is successfully vanquished, the rewards can be allocated to all Guild members or a specified Guild executive, depending on the Guild's established governance settings.

When rewards are distributed to all members, the allocation is based on the total damage each member has inflicted. These rewards come in the form of unique dungeon-boss treasure chests which have higher chances of dropping rare items when opened.

Dungeon Achievements

Guild members who have participated in the battle and dealt a significant amount of damage to the dungeon boss will receive an achievement. This achievement is a non-transferable FA2 token, also known as a soul-bound token.

This achievement token is linked to the player's wallet and could potentially enhance certain player stats. For instance, a basic achievement might be earned for dealing at least 2% damage, while a higher-tier achievement could be awarded for dealing at least 10% damage.

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