Token Distribution

Focusing on Sustainable and Balanced Growth

Our CRDS governance token distribution structure for Crossroads: Myth is designed to foster a sustainable and balanced growth of the game ecosystem. Here is a breakdown of our initial tokenomics distribution:

1. Team (20%) To recognize the passion and hard work of our dedicated team, we've allocated 20% of the total tokens. This not only appreciates their contribution but also aligns their incentives with the long-term success of the project.

2. Advisors (5%) Our trusted advisors, who provide valuable insights and guidance, are allocated 5% of the total tokens. Their expertise has been instrumental in shaping our journey, and this allocation acknowledges their continued support.

3. Community/Public Sale (30%) A significant portion, 30%, is set aside for the community and public sale. This ensures that a large part of the tokens are distributed amongst the players and supporters of the game, thereby fostering a decentralized and robust player ecosystem.

4. Investors (15%) In recognition of their faith in our project and the vital financial support they provide, 15% of the tokens are allocated to our investors. This allocation allows them to share in the potential success of the project.

5. Marketing & Promotions (5%) To support the marketing and promotional activities crucial for the growth of Crossroads: Myth, 5% of the tokens are set aside. This fund will aid in reaching out to a larger audience and building a stronger community around the game.

6. To Be Confirmed (25%) The remaining 25% of tokens are yet to be allocated and will be assigned in the future based on the evolving needs of the project. This reserve ensures that we have the flexibility to adjust our token distribution in response to changing circumstances or unanticipated needs.

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