Player Progression Paths

Forge Your Path to Success and Greatness

The uniqueness of Crossroads: Myth’s player system lies in its multiplicity of progression paths, striking a balance between combat, crafting, and research.

It ensures that each player's journey is tailored, allowing them to allocate skill points and undertake research according to their gameplay style and strategy.

By facilitating diverse progression opportunities, the player system enhances the game's depth, creating an immersive and dynamic player experience.

Each player is free to develop in his or her own preferred way.

Player Progression

The player system within the game provides a pathway for growth, ensuring players have a consistent sense of achievement and advancement.

By participating in various in-game activities such as combat, questing, or crafting activities, players gain experience, gradually improving their levels.

Skill Acquisition

Every level up rewards players a skill point, which can be utilized to upgrade an array of combat, quest, or production-related skills. Players can also choose to hoard skill points to be used later; once a skill point is spent, it cannot be undone.

Skill Varieties

Skills range from combat attributes, like boosting physical attack or defense for units, to production capacities like augmenting Land production or storage.

Each skill point invested will bring about a small increase in improvement. To maintain game balance, there may also be a limit on the number of points assignable to various skills.

Research System

Besides skills, players can further enhance their stats and performance by investing in-game resources into research.

This system may amplify both combat and production abilities, similar to skill points.

Undertaking research demands both in-game resources such as Gold as well as time, with greater amounts of investment required for advanced research levels.

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