Combat System & Monsters

Your Guide to the Battlefield: Monsters & Combat

An integral part of Crossroads: Myth is its dynamic combat system, where players command squads comprising of up to five adventurers to take on quests.

In these quests, players may encounter a diverse array of monsters, igniting battles where strategy, unit attributes, and an element of luck intertwine.

Attacking Monsters

On their journey, players spend Action Points (AP) to engage their adventurer’s squad with monsters, events and objects of interest.

Each monster encounter is a unique battle event, manifested as a transaction on the blockchain, with results stemming from a careful blend of random elements and the statistical attributes of the squad's units and monsters.

The order of attack hinges on the speed stat of the units and monsters; the swiftest get to strike first. The positioning of units in the squad's formation matters as well.

Depending on their type, units may target foes at the forefront, rear, or the entire enemy squad at once, inflicting damage or executing abilities unique to them.

Unit Health & Recovery

The toughness of a unit is measured by their health. When a unit's health is depleted, they become incapacitated and cannot continue to fight. However, players have several strategies for restoring their units' health and bringing them back into the fray.

Healing items like potions, or the special abilities of certain units, can revive or rejuvenate the fallen, ensuring they return to the battle and contribute to the squad's victory. Once their ongoing quest is completed or abandoned, players can also return to their main cities to heal their squad.

Overcoming Hordes of Monsters

Players might find themselves facing numerous monsters at once. In such instances, they might need to spend multiple APs to launch attacks capable of vanquishing these enemy groups.

This creates an additional layer of strategy and resource management, as players must carefully consider when and where to utilize their available APs.

This combat system injects Crossroads: Myth with a unique mix of chance, strategy, and adaptability, providing players with an ever-evolving, dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.

Unit Statistics

Each unit in Crossroads: Myth possesses a range of statistics that defines its capabilities on the battlefield.

These stats govern everything from a unit's health and attack power to their defense and evasion abilities. They play a crucial role in deciding the outcome of a battle.

Here's a breakdown of each statistic:

  1. totalHp: This represents a unit's total health points (HP). The higher the HP, the more damage a unit can sustain before being incapacitated.

  2. currentHp: This signifies a unit's current HP during a battle. This decreases when a unit takes damage and can be restored through healing abilities or items.

  3. physicalAttackMin & physicalAttackMax: These determine the minimum and maximum physical damage a unit can inflict on an opponent.

  4. physicalAttackPenFlat & physicalAttackPenPercent: These stats represent a unit's ability to bypass an opponent's physical defense. Flat Penetration directly reduces the opponent's defense, while Percent Penetration reduces it by a percentage.

  5. physicalAttackBoostFlat & physicalAttackBoostPercent: These stats boost a unit's physical attack value, either by a flat increase or a percentage increase.

  6. physicalDefence: This represents a unit's resistance to physical attacks. The higher the physical defence, the less damage a unit takes from physical attacks.

  7. physicalDefenceBoostFlat & physicalDefenceBoostPercent: These stats boost a unit's physical defence, either by a flat increase or a percentage increase.

  8. magicPowerMin & magicPowerMax: These determine the minimum and maximum magic damage a unit can deal to an opponent.

  9. magicPowerPenFlat & magicPowerPenPercent: These stats represent a unit's ability to penetrate an opponent's magic defense, either by a flat amount or a percentage.

  10. magicPowerBoostFlat & magicPowerBoostPercent: These stats boost a unit's magic power, either by a flat increase or a percentage increase.

  11. magicDefence: This indicates a unit's resistance to magic attacks. The higher the magic defence, the less damage a unit suffers from magic attacks.

  12. magicDefenceBoostFlat & magicDefenceBoostPercent: These stats boost a unit's magic defence, either by a flat increase or a percentage increase.

  13. speed: This determines the order of attack in combat. Units with higher speed attack first.

  14. physicalEvasion & magicEvasion: These stats dictate a unit's chance to dodge physical and magic attacks, respectively.

Understanding and effectively utilizing these stats is crucial for success in Crossroads: Myth's dynamic and strategic combat system.

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