Vassal System

Nurturing and Mentoring New Allies

Crossroads: Myth’s Vassal system encourages experienced players, known as Vassal Lords, to mentor and support new players who lack the knowledge and resources to fully engage in the game.

It fosters inclusivity, encourages mentorship, and boosts player growth, creating a dynamic, robust player community.

Vassal System

Mirroring the scholarship mechanic found in other web3 games, the Vassal system allows new players to borrow one or more “Lands” from a Vassal Lord and thereby fully participate in the game.

Players have to fulfill certain requirements before they can become a Vassal Lord and take on new players as vassals.

There is also a limited number of vassals that a player can have at any time, with more slots as the player levels up.

Vassal Advantages

The Vassal System offers benefits to both parties. Vassal Lords can generate yield on otherwise idle "Lands" and scout potential guild members, while vassals can enter the game with minimal costs and benefit from the guidance of a seasoned player.

Potential Risks for Vassal Lords

If a vassal becomes inactive or unresponsive, the Vassal Lord must wait until the contract's end to reclaim their Land.

This increases the importance of finding the right players who have the time and resources to remain committed, especially since there is only a limited availability of vassal slots.

Production Tax

A portion of a vassal's gold and resource production is automatically allocated to their Vassal Lord upon resource harvesting.

This production tax also applies to any new or subsequent lands that the vassal deploys.

Vassal Agreements

There are various fixed agreements which both vassal and vassal lords can enter into depending on their goals. These agreements are governed by our smart contracts to prevent any misuse, and take effect only upon mutual consent between parties.

In general, the tax rate varies inversely with the agreement duration:

  • For a 3-month contract, a 25% tax rate applies

  • For 6 months, the tax reduces to 20%

  • For 9 months, it's 15%

  • And for 12 months, a 10% tax rate applies


After the agreed duration, a Vassal Lord may choose to retrieve the leased “Land” at any point in time unless the agreement is extended by both parties.

If a repossession event occurs, the “Land” will go into its undeployment phase and may be reclaimed by the Vassal Lord once the phase is completed.


To prevent abuse, vassals cannot undeploy the leased "Land" or sell the “Land” as it belongs to the Vassal Lord.

Conversely, vassal lords may also not reclaim their leased “Land” until the agreement duration period is over.

Order of Deductions

If a vassal is also part of a guild, the Vassal Production Tax is deducted first, followed by the Guild Tax on the remaining amount.

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