Units & Squads

Building Your Ideal Team and Forces

Units and squads are fundamental to the battle system in Crossroads: Myth. Each squad can have a maximum of five units, and players can use these squads for the following purposes:

  1. Embark on quests and adventures to uncover treasures and gather loot

  2. Attack other players’ lands to plunder resources

  3. Garrison land to defend against other player's attacks

  4. Lease out to other players as mercenaries

Units are usually capable of being upgraded. They can be advanced after gaining sufficient battle experience and upon meeting the prerequisite resources, such as gold.


Units can be classified according to three main categories: Tier, Class Type, and Damage Type


This refers to the power, resilience, and overall capability of a unit. Higher-tier units generally have superior stats, power, or other attributes, which makes them more effective in combat.

However, they also have a correspondingly higher cost for upkeep and upgrades. Tiers are divided into three categories:

  • Light Tier: These units are often quicker but have lower power and resilience. They are less expensive to maintain and upgrade, making them a good choice for beginners or cost-conscious players.

  • Medium Tier: These units provide a balance between power, resilience, and upgradability. They require a moderate amount of resources for maintenance and are suitable for players seeking to build a well-balanced squad.

  • Heavy Tier: These are the most powerful and resilient units, but they also usually demand a significant investment for maintenance and upgrades. However, their high combat effectiveness can make them worth the cost for many players.

Class Type

This category denotes a unit's role and unique abilities in combat.

  • Attack: Units under this class directly engage in battle on the frontlines, taking the fight to the enemy and are usually the heavy hitters of the squad.

  • Magic: Magic units harness mystical abilities to inflict damage on adversaries.

  • Tank: Tank units are known for their high durability, absorbing damage and protecting more vulnerable units.

  • Range: Ranged units employ long-distance attacks, keeping them safe from immediate retaliation.

  • Special: Units in this class possess unique skills and come in varied forms. This can include Support (healing or buffing allies), Assassin (dealing high damage to specific targets), Aura (continuous area-of-effect affecting multiple units), and more.

  • Unique: Unique units combine attributes from different classes, creating hybrid roles such as a combined Tank and Magic class. These units offer versatility and unique strategic advantages.

Damage Type

This classification indicates the kind of damage a unit inflicts upon opponents.

  • Physical Damage: Units causing physical damage use their physical strength in combat, represented by a Fist icon.

  • Magical Damage: Units dealing magical damage employ mystical powers to harm adversaries, represented by a Fireball icon.

In essence, the cost of maintaining and upgrading units will depend on their tier and class type. Higher-tier units usually have better stats and power, but they also require more resources to keep up and improve.

Race Considerations

Each race will have distinct units with unique stats and abilities.

If a player from one race wants to recruit units from a different race, they need to build a friendly relationship with that race through quests and activities. To upgrade units from another race, players must reach a corresponding relationship level with that race.

Types of Battles

There are three primary kinds of battles in the game:

  1. PvP (Player vs Player): This involves squad vs squad combat such as through one player attacking another player’s land

  2. PvE (Player vs Environment): This involves single or multiple squads battling against various monsters they come across during their quest adventures

  3. Monster Boss Raid: Through dungeon raids by guilds, this will pit multiple squads against powerful monster bosses

Squad Combat Readiness

Players can have multiple combat squads depending on their level.

Squads in "Ready" mode allow players to switch units or alter their equipment. A squad achieves "Ready" mode when all its units are revived, fully healed, and not engaged in any combat or raid.

Revive/Heal: Players can revive or heal their squad using Gold. The price for this service varies based on unit tiers, class types and levels. Alternatively, players can use items to revive or heal the units in their squad.

Equipment: Units may also equip items according to their class. Each unit has three item slots comprising a slot each for Weapon, Armor, and Accessory.

Upgrading Units: To advance a unit to the next level, players need to accumulate sufficient experience for that unit and possess two other NFTs of the same unit. Higher-level upgrades may require additional resources and items, such as Crystals or other quest items.

Combat History and Experience: A squad’s historical stats will also be recorded on-chain in terms of number of battles, victories, and defeats for each of the combat types. The squad’s history will not be reset even if squad units are switched out.

Sample Units

Each unit will have a level indicator at the top left corner, and symbols indicating its race, class, and damage type respectively at the top right corner.

Frames may be customizable NFTs that players can equip and display for their squads.

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