Forge Bonds, Shape Destiny: Journey With Your Faithful Companions

A distinguishing feature of Crossroads: Myth is the addition of Companions, virtual creatures that players can adopt and nurture like pets.

More than mere vanity items, these Companions provide functional benefits to the player, infusing gameplay with added depth and personalized flair.

Each Companion is a 1/1 Non-Fungible Token (NFT), meaning that they hold a unique place not just in a player’s squad, but also in the broader game universe.

Leveling Up & Customization

Companions can be developed and upgraded using in-game resources and mystical Runestones, with each level-up boosting their abilities.

This progression system instills a sense of growing companionship between players and their virtual pets, as both grow stronger together over time.

In addition to their functional role, Companions also come with an aesthetic appeal.

Players have the opportunity to change the visual appearance or "skin" of their Companions using various potions, which can be obtained through gameplay activities such as completing quests.

This customization feature allows players to express their unique identity and style in the game.

Supportive Role

In terms of gameplay function, Companions play a supportive role in an adventurer's squad. They provide aura or boost effects to the squad, with the specific effects and extent of the bonus determined by the Companion's ability and level.

This encourages strategic selection and development of Companions based on the player's preferred playstyle, and the needs of their adventurer's squad.

Overall, Companions add a delightful and rewarding layer of complexity to the Crossroads: Myth experience, bridging the gap between functional strategy and personal expression.

They enhance gameplay by offering strategic advantages, while also providing opportunities for personalization and the fostering of a deeper connection to the game world.

Customization through Lorekeepers

Further enhancing their individuality, Companions can be personalized with their own name and backstory using the Lorekeeper system. This narrative aspect brings each Companion to life in the game, complete with its own backstory and personality.

This element of storytelling adds a rich layer of depth to each Companion, making them more than just supportive game pieces; they become characters that players can become emotionally invested in.

Not only do players strategize with their Companions in terms of gameplay mechanics, they can also create, shape, and tell their stories as they grow alongside together.

This heightens the sense of ownership and connection between the player and their Companion, making each Companion not just a part of the player's strategy, but a part of their gaming experience as well.

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