Marketplace & Trading

Profit, Trade, Triumph

Secondary Marketplace

In the realm of Crossroads: Myth, a vibrant secondary marketplace plays a pivotal role in enhancing the player experience and facilitating an in-game economy.

It gives players the freedom to trade, sell, or purchase items, allowing a healthy circulation of assets and fostering competitive game play.

More importantly, it enables players to realize the value of their in-game accomplishments and investments, thus enhancing the immersive and rewarding nature of the game.

Players have the opportunity to list items for sale or purchase on the secondary marketplace, quoting their preferred price in either an in-game currency or Tez (i.e. XTZ).

In the same vein, players can make offers using their choice of in-game currency or Tez.

The secondary marketplace is exclusively dedicated to Crossroads: Myth related items and NFTs. Although there are no marketplace fees, transactions are subject to a royalty fee.

Moreover, players have the option to trade Crossroads: Myth related NFTs on external platforms such as Objkt.

However, this approach entails certain differences. For instance, listings on Objkt will be subject to both the marketplace's fees and the royalty fee.

Additionally, transactions on these platforms will be conducted purely in Tez, with no option for listing items in or accepting offers in other in-game currencies.

Multi-Asset Peer-to-Peer Trading

Beyond the marketplace, Crossroads: Myth also supports multi-asset peer-to-peer trading. This feature allows players to bundle multiple in-game items for trading.

Similarly, offers can be made using a bundle of different in-game items.

Once both parties agree to the trade, the items change hands accordingly.

This level of flexibility and versatility in trading further enriches the gaming experience and contributes to a dynamic, player-driven economy.

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