Equipment & Items

Your Journey Lies in Your Gear

Crossroads: Myth presents an expansive inventory of equipment and items, enriching the gameplay and adding layers of strategy.

Players are also granted the ability to upgrade and enhance their units' equipment, primarily weapons and armor - this helps to ensure that players can incrementally improve their gear and become prepared for more challenging battles and quests.

This versatile range caters to various in-game requirements and situations, thereby allowing players to mold their game plan according to their preferences.


In the realm of Crossroads: Myth, each unit possesses three slots for equipment - a slot each for Weapon, Armor, and Accessory. This provides players with the opportunity to customize and enhance their unit's abilities based on their strategic stance.

Weapon: Each unit can be equipped with a weapon that can significantly augment their attack capabilities. The choice of weapon can drastically influence the battle outcome, making this an integral part of the unit's equipment.

Armor: Armor is a crucial defense mechanism for each unit. It serves to protect the unit from the brunt of enemy attacks, thereby increasing the unit's endurance and survivability during battles.

Accessory: The accessory slot adds another layer of customization. These can range from items that provide special abilities to ones that boosts the unit's existing capabilities, allowing for more nuanced strategizing.

Upgrading Equipment

Equipment upgrading primarily involves the use of in-game Gold and the services of Blacksmiths. The goal here is to improve the base stats of the equipment, making them more effective in battles.

The process of upgrading involves a certain amount of Gold depending on the current level of the equipment and the desired level. It's important to note that the process of upgrading equipment is associated with a higher rate of success compared to enhancing equipment with mana.

This means that players can reliably invest in upgrading their equipment to bolster their combat capabilities over time.

Enhancing Equipment

Enhancing, on the other hand, is a riskier and potentially more rewarding procedure that primarily uses Mana Crystals. Facilitated by the mystical skills of Runemasters, enhancing involves infusing the equipment with magical energy, amplifying their power to a much greater degree.

Although enhancing generally comes with a lower success rate compared to upgrading, successful enhancement can provide a significant boost to the equipment, which can play a decisive role in some battles.


Items in Crossroads: Myth serve a multitude of purposes — some are consumable, while others can be used for quests or other in-game applications.

Consumables: Consumable items include healing potions, which can restore units' health points during or after battles, and dispelling potions, which are used to negate status effects like poison and paralysis. These items play a critical role in maintaining the unit's combat readiness and can be used strategically during battles or quests.

Quest-Related Items: These items are typically found or rewarded during quests. They can serve various purposes - some may advance the quest, while others might provide bonuses or unlock new areas or challenges. The utilization of these items adds depth to the gameplay, making each quest a unique adventure.

Miscellaneous Items: These are a diverse range of items that can be used for a variety of purposes. Their uses can vary widely, from crafting materials to rare artifacts that hold power within the game world.

Overall, the extensive range of equipment and items in Crossroads: Myth not only adds to the game's depth and complexity but also ensures that each player's experience is unique, flexible, and highly customizable.

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