Booster Pack System

A Dash of Serendipity in each Pack

Booster Packs are an essential game mechanic in Crossroads: Myth that add an element of surprise and randomness to the game.

Balanced Gameplay

It not only injects a degree of unpredictability but also serves as a tool to ensure balanced gameplay. By distributing items in a randomized fashion, it helps mitigate the risk of the game becoming overly pay-to-win, thus making the game more engaging and fair for all players, regardless of their level of investment.

Opening Booster Packs

When players open a booster pack, they will receive a predetermined quantity of items. The items yielded, which depend on the type of the booster pack, are randomly selected through our Random Number Generator (RNG) Smart Contract.

Default Packs

Unique to each faction, the default booster packs predominantly yield items associated with their respective race (Humans, Elves, and Dwarves), thereby enhancing thematic immersion and promoting strategic planning based on the player's chosen race.

Moreover, booster packs serve as a critical source of acquiring starter items, units, and potentially rare objects, stimulating an active and dynamic in-game economy.

Purchasing & Deflation

Players can acquire booster packs with XTZ or with the in-game currency, Gold. When purchases are made with Gold, the amount used is burned and removed from Crossroads: Myth as a means to combat inflation.

Special Booster Packs

Apart from the standard packs, a variety of special booster packs may be earned as quest, dungeon boss, or raid rewards. Each pack has a unique probability distribution for different items.

As tradeable items, players can also weigh the chances of a lucky drop from opening a booster pack or choose to trade or sell it on the marketplace for other in-game resources, items, or Tez.

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