Referral System

Recruit Allies, Reap Rewards

The on-chain referral system in Crossroads: Myth adds a unique community-driven growth mechanism which seeks to create a dynamic, vibrant, and rapidly expanding gaming environment.

Through the referral system, veteran players are incentivized to mentor newcomers, and are rewarded based on their referees’ in-game performance and activity measured through player levels.

Upon reaching a certain level, players will have access to a unique referral link that contains their Tezos address, to be shared with others yet to join the game.

When a new player joins after clicking on this referral link, the referral will be temporarily attributed to the Tezos address in the link.

Referral Points

Referrers will be awarded points for each level up achieved by their referrals, starting from 0 points at Level 1, and reaching up to a set number of points at higher levels (for example, 5 points every level until level 10).

The referrer's potential for point accumulation is limitless, and they are also incentivized to encourage their referrals to progress through the early stages of playing Crossroads: Myth.

Referral Rewards

Referral rewards will be divided into tiers based on Referral Points. Upon reaching a tier, referrers become eligible to claim its associated reward. Rewards may consist of in-game assets such as booster packs, rare items, achievements, and other in-game elements.

On-Chain Referrals

Player referrals are monitored and recorded on-chain, and will be updated accordingly based on in-game activity, such as whenever a referral levels up.

All referral data is transparent and fully public at any point in time.

Referrers will be able to see a list of all players they’ve referred and their current levels, and are also encouraged to guide them further in their journey in Crossroads: Myth.

Referral Activity Window

The gaming activity of new referrals will be tracked for the first 14 days after they’ve joined Crossroads: Myth as a new player.

After the first 14 days, the referrer will no longer receive any referral points.

Newly joined players will also have a brief window of two days to set the wallet address of their respective referrer.

This grants players the autonomy to reward the player that has most influenced them in their decision-making, and supersedes any temporary address from other referral links.

On the other hand, after the brief window of two days is up, players will no longer have the ability to set their referrer. At this point, any temporary referral address will become permanent.

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