Principles & Game Fundamentals

Understanding the Essence of Crossroads: Myth.

We keep the following principles and fundamentals in mind when designing our game and its mechanics.

In going through the various features of Crossroads: Myth below, you will come across some of these principles in action, either alone or in conjunction with another.

1. Accessibility and Affordability

At the heart of our game, we believe Crossroads: Myth should be as accessible and affordable as possible to players worldwide.

This ensures a wider distribution of players and reduces any financial risk or commitment.

2. Asset Growth and Value Accumulation

At the same time, we believe it is essential for players’ assets to grow in value over time, depending on his/her strategies and actions taken.

In this way, our in-game assets’ value reflect not only its utility, but also a player’s investment in time, effort, and resources.

3. Minimize Pay-To-Win Disparities

Although high-spending players may gain certain advantages, we acknowledge the necessity of maintaining a balanced playing field.

Through the combination of time-based requirements and the Action Point system, Crossroads: Myth limits the influence of financial resources and provides fairer opportunities to all players.

4. Strategy, Skills, and Luck

Beyond financial resources, and to foster an engaging and competitive environment, players will have to make decisions based on their strategy and skills.

Luck and serendipity may also prove to be more important at times.

5. Community and Collaborative Gameplay

Emphasizing community engagement and group-play aligns with the ethos of web3 communities, and forms an integral part of our game's development.

We aim to bolster community-driven interaction and promote collaborative problem-solving.

6. Casual and Time-Efficient Gameplay

Recognizing that our primary audience comprises working adults within the web3 community, we make Crossroads: Myth enjoyable without demanding excessive time commitment.

Our game design will prioritize casual, fun, and yet time-efficient gameplay.

7. Scalability and Flexibility

Crossroads: Myth is also designed with scalability in mind and can accommodate an ever-increasing player base without compromising or distorting the gameplay mechanics.

8. Innovative and Unique Gameplay

We endeavor to develop unique gameplay elements that can cater to both casual and competitive web3 players, distinguishing Crossroads: Myth from other blockchain-based games as a unique game on its own.

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