Mercenary System

Unleashing Power for Hire

The Mercenary system introduces a layer of flexibility by enabling players to use their squads in diverse ways. This feature allows players to lease out their squads, transforming them into income-generating assets.

It opens up new gameplay avenues for renters, who can temporarily enhance their capabilities by renting powerful squads, while owners receive an additional source of income.

The mercenary mechanic thereby fosters a dynamic rental market, enriching the game's economy and promoting player interaction.

Lease Terms

Players have the option to lease their squads at a set rate per hour, with flexibility to establish minimum or maximum rental durations.

Renters must pay the total rental fee upfront to the owners and are responsible for returning the squad in a fully healed condition.

Owners may choose their choice of currency to be either in-game resources or in Tez. There will also be a small tax levied on the total rental fee.

Usage Restrictions

While renters are permitted to deploy the rented mercenary squad for player vs player combat, monster encounters during quests, or guild boss raids, they are restricted from modifying the squad.

This includes changing or reordering units, as well as removing any equipment or items. However, renters are permitted to use consumable items, such as healing potions, on the squad.

Combat Progress

Throughout the lease, the mercenary squad will continue to accrue combat records and experience as well, adding to their value and appeal.

Return & Penalties

Upon completion of the rental term, the mercenary squad may either be returned by the renter or reclaimed by the owner.

Renters also have the choice to return the mercenary squad earlier before the completion of the rental term.

If the squad is not returned in a fully healed state, the renter cannot return it, even if the rental period is over.

In this case, the owner can reclaim the squad and charge the healing fee. The renter will face a penalty under such circumstances.

This aspect of the mercenary mechanic ensures a fair and balanced rental system.

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