Lorekeeper System

Preserve the Past, Shape the Future

The Lorekeeper system brings an element of individuality and immersion to the game world.

By allowing Lorekeepers to add narratives to in-game elements such as “Companions” and “Lands”, it brings the world of Crossroads: Myth to life, enhancing the player experience.

Not only does this system encourage player creativity and showcases literary skills, it also adds an additional layer of customization and personal investment in the game.

This unique blend of gaming and storytelling sets Crossroads: Myth apart from other games, making the player’s journey a unique piece of the game's expanding lore.

World Crafting

Lorekeepers are narrative architects, adept at writing and world creation. They hold the unique privilege of crafting the names and descriptions of singular items like player "Lands" and “Companions”.

When a Lorekeeper creatively modifies a unique token, their name becomes a trait of the NFT as a means of record-keeping.

Overall, Lorekeepers embody a vital role in shaping the Crossroads: Myth universe, bringing it to life through immersive lore, compelling characters, and gripping narratives.

Lorekeeper Induction

Aspiring Lorekeepers will need to submit samples of their work for review.

Upon successful induction, they can then offer their creative services to other players through several fixed-price tiers, alongside an optional custom premium tier of their own designation.

Note that this custom tier must exceed the value of the highest fixed tier.

Job Limitations & Pricing Tiers

Each Lorekeeper may only take on a limited number of assignments at any given time; this limit can be incrementally increased on request.

The tiered pricing system simplifies transactions, curtailing price negotiations while giving popular Lorekeepers the flexibility to customize their services and provide extra value.

Service Charge

Crossroads: Myth will claim a share of Lorekeeper services.

In case of conflicts, Crossroads: Myth may also provide refunds to the affected parties or initiate a resolution process to settle any disagreement.

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