World Map and Locations

Explore the Far Corners of Mythenia

In Crossroads: Myth, players are presented with Mythenia, a rich and expansive world teeming with a variety of locations to explore, lore to discover and secrets to reveal. It's a land filled with wonder, mystery, and adventure, inviting players to explore and interact with its many facets.

Mythenia has a vibrant array of cultures and places, each inhabited by unique races and beings. Currently, there are three prominent cities to explore, namely the Human city Cerafione, the Elven city L'eam Dor, and the Dwarven city Tora Hestia.

Other realms, locations and domains exist on Mythenia, waiting to be unveiled.

Each city has its unique architecture, history, and culture, offering a distinct set of experiences and adventures. Explore each to discover what they have to offer!


The heart of the human kingdom. This city is a bustling metropolis filled with diverse and vibrant activities. Players can navigate the busy streets, interact with local inhabitants, embark on quests and partake in numerous other activities.

Merchants with wondrous and esoteric wares are said to ply their offerings that depend on the days of the season, thus giving visitors good reason to drop by the Marketplace whenever they're in the city to see what's in store.

Alternatively, adventurers can seek solace at the Tranquil Gardens, built to provide respite from the city's hustle and bustle, refreshing visitors' spirits and invigorating them for new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

L'eam Dor

Located deep within the emerald heart of an ancient forest, L'eam Dor is a serene and tranquil place known for its magical ambience, breathtaking architecture, and deep connection with nature.

One of the city's unique attractions is the Crystal Fountain, where a moment of meditation at this mystical structure provides more than mere tranquility. Basking in the fountain's radiance, visitors are said to feel a newfound energy, heightening their senses and feelings of enlightenment.

Discover the 'Emerald Garden' near the edge; this ethereal grove, bathed in soft bioluminescence, invites adventurers to tend to its vibrant grounds. In doing this act of care, devoted caretakers are bestowed with meaningful gifts of thanks.

Tora Hestia

Nestled at the foot of a mountain range, Tora Hestia is a testament to dwarven engineering excellence and fortitude. Known for their smithing prowess, the dwarves have a city filled with workshops, mines, and strongholds.

At the heart of Tora Hestia's prosperity are its expansive mines where adventurers can volunteer to mine ores. The more ores are mined, the more the dwarves are willing to reciprocate your efforts with a suitable token of appreciation.

At the city's southern entrance stands a revered iron statue, a tribute to the Dwarves' indomitable spirit and their revered ancestors. Those who honor it reportedly gain a sense of serenity and fortitude that will aid them in their forthcoming adventures.

Apart from these major cities, the Mythenia World Map will also encompass other clickable areas waiting to be discovered.

These areas may be shrouded in mystery or hold uncharted territories, and could contain exclusive quests, treasures, or encounters, offering new adventures for players to undertake.

As we continue to expand and enhance Crossroads: Myth, players can anticipate more areas to explore and engage with, ensuring an ever-evolving and immersive gameplay experience.

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